Premium Sneaker Cleaning Kit


Make your sneakers look like new
The best way to protect your investment is by regularly cleaning and caring for your sneakers. Aether Care products are designed to make cleaning easy, with solutions that are gentle on materials and designed to be used time and time again.

A trusted product
We know what it's like when you're getting ready for a big game or a night out, and you can't find the time to make sure your sneakers are in their best shape. That's why we developed our Cleaning Kit, which includes our 120ml Premium Deep Cleaning Solution and Standard Brush that can get any sneaker looking like new in just a few minutes.

The Aether Premium Sneaker Cleaning Kit contains:

Aether's 120ml bio-degradable cleaning solution
Wood handle synthetic brush
Microfibre cloth
Sneaker Enthusiast love us!
Our products were created by Sneakerheads who were frustrated with the lack of quality options available for cleaning sneakers - and now we want to share these solutions with everyone who loves their sneakers as much as we do!


Sneaker Sizing Guide
Kozy Section Sneaker Sizing Guide 

Kozy section will mention in the description of the products wether it is Mens, Womens, Youth or Pre-School Sizing 

M = Mens

W = Womens 

Y = Youth

C = Children


US10M / US11.5W = US10 Mens / US11.5 Womens

US5Y / US6.5W = US5 Youth / US6.5 Womens

US10C = US10 Children


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