Premium Brush


Introducing the Premium Brush, an exquisite and hand-crafted brush that is made of 100% Walnut and hog's hair. This brush is designed to clean delicate materials and has a long handle for easy use.

We know that some materials require a bit more attention, which is why we've created the Premium Brush. This brush is made of soft hog's hair with a hand-crafted walnut wood handle and can be used on delicate materials like suede, mesh, cotton canvas, and more!

Clean your Sneakers
It's not just about looking good, feeling good, and performing well. Giving your sneakers the care they deserve will keep them looking better for longer, ensuring that you get the most out of your footwear investment.

Aether Care's Premium Cleaning Brush is ideal for cleaning delicate materials such as sneaker uppers, or dry brushing lint and dust on other objects such as caps.


Sneaker Sizing Guide
Kozy Section Sneaker Sizing Guide 

Kozy section will mention in the description of the products wether it is Mens, Womens, Youth or Pre-School Sizing 

M = Mens

W = Womens 

Y = Youth

C = Children


US10M / US11.5W = US10 Mens / US11.5 Womens

US5Y / US6.5W = US5 Youth / US6.5 Womens

US10C = US10 Children


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