New Balance 550 White Black Rain Cloud


  • Brand New
  • 100% Authentic
  • US Mens Sizing

In New Balance, you can find sneakers for everyone like the New Balance 550 White Black Rain Cloud. These shoes come in a two-tone leather upper. ​ ​The sneaker is a new version of its predecessor. The midsole of the shoe features the New Balance logo and the name of the brand, while the overlays on the sneaker are in a grey and black color scheme. A white "N" logo with a black outline embellishes the medial sides of the shoes. A mesh collar, a stitched New Balance tag, and a nylon tongue made of permeable material help with a comfortable fit. A medial side EVA wedge is seen on this model low-top.

Sneaker Sizing Guide
Kozy Section Sneaker Sizing Guide 

Kozy section will mention in the description of the products wether it is Mens, Womens, Youth or Pre-School Sizing 

M = Mens

W = Womens 

Y = Youth

C = Children


US10M / US11.5W = US10 Mens / US11.5 Womens

US5Y / US6.5W = US5 Youth / US6.5 Womens

US10C = US10 Children


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